Featured Talent: Robert Macfarlane

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

Robert Macfarlane is based between Vancouver & NYC. He has over a decade of experience in the social media marketing & modelling industry. As a classical musician, sports athletic, and entrepreneur, Robert has amassed a diverse roster of life experience that has cultivated his artistic talents, his eye for perfection and his ability to work with a team.

How did you get about the influencer/creative world? A little bit your history?

I have always been a creative, but learnt how to utilize social media about a decade ago, and started connecting with brands as my following grew. I had an interesting childhood that led to quite a lot of people following me. I think my content gave others a reason to remember who I was. Keeping people thinking has been beneficial to growing my personal brand.

What inspired you to create Robert’s Minerals?

Robert’s minerals was actually not pre-meditated. I was going through my childhood crystal collection and decided to sell them. I soon discovered how relevant the market was for crystals and wellness and decided to create RM so that I could continue the flow of positivity and healing. I have learnt so much about crystals, their influence on people, and myself.

Do you have a favourite piece in crystals currently or one that does really well?

I really love Aquamarine, which happens to be birthstone. I also love Kunzite, Bolivian Amethyst, Fluorite and Dumortierite Included Quartz. I’ve always had my eyes stuck on exotic and detailed specimens. I find that Apophyllite, Fluorite, and Quartz Specimens sell really well!

What is your ultimate life goal as a creative & entrepreneur?

My ultimate life goal is to make a positive impact on people’s lives. I think RM's overall message is to empower people and bring joy to their lives. My services give me the privilege to work with such incredible people while crystals do their work on their own. Crystal energy baby!

What is your ideal brand collab?

My ideal brand collab is to have a reoccurring, ongoing collaboration and relationship with brands that share similar visions. Any brand that is focused on innovation, wellness, healing, technology, fashion, crystals, you name it. My Passion for diversity has developed over the years and I look forward to continue to work with new brand cultures and products that appear on my horizon.

Where do you like to go after a full day of work for a drink/coffee or a bite to eat in Vancouver and NYC?

I love eating out, especially on a waterfront patio during the sunset. In Vancouver I enjoy going to Cioppinos for dinner and Small Victory for a tea and an almond croissant. Seriously, it’s the best. When I’m in NYC and the sun is out I’m usually basking in the rays at the 1 Hotel Rooftop in Brooklyn. I also tend to stop by La Mercerie in Lower Manhattan. There are endless spots in NYC, I need to pop by again ASAP.

Your next vacation spot?

I would really like to go to The Maldives or Paris next!

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