Featured Talent: Catching Up With Clare Howard

Clare is a phenomenal Canadian content creator and stylist. She is an avid enthusiast of fashion and fitness. We asked 7 questions to get to know her better...

How did you get into the influencer/creative world? A little bit of your history?

I got into instgram and the creative world kinda by accident haha! I’ve always been a super creative person since I was a kid, I always followed fashion/fitness influencers since I can remember. When I first moved to Calgary I approach this photographer since he was a fashion scout for an agency, we shot a few photos and he asked me why I didn’t do more social media work/ promote my fashion. Then from there, it got the ball rolling and I jumped in feet first.

What inspired you to pursue fitness?

I’ve been a pretty active person my entire life. I played sports all through highschool and actually was supposed to play college basketball, with multiply offers! After the very tough decision to not go through with it, I wanted to keep the fitness aspect in my life. I’m so happy I get to share that now.

Do you have a favourite workout routine?

I don’t have a specific favourite routine at the moment! Love changing it up. I do love a good shoulder pump tho!

What would be your ideal brand collab?

A revolve ambassador is a GOAL, a DREAM

You are a stylist as well, tell us a little bit about that?

Yes, so I’ve styled a variety of photoshoots! I’m pretty new to it, I started just last April, but couldn’t be happier!

Where do you like to go after a long day at work for a drink/coffee or a bite to eat in Calgary?

Honestly, the gyms are my happy place:) it’s always going to be my go-to!

We heard you are manifesting attending NYFW. Is NYC a place you would like to visit?

YES, YES and YES!!! NYFW will be seeing me next year no doubt!! Nyc is my dream place and I can’t wait u I'm finally there!

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